Understand Forsage 3D

3 min readDec 9, 2020

Decentralized financial multi-level matrix system based on smart contracts

Forsage 3D project introduction

Forsage 3D is the first 100% decentralized smart contract DApp in the Curry ecosystem. Once Forsage 3D starts, it runs automatically, and cannot be tampered with and shut down. Besides, it can also free from hacking attacks, thus can develop forever.

Operating platform:Forsage 3D (Dapp)

Investment token:Curry

Exit mechanism:The matrix will be refreshed after the followed three position has been lit and reset with infinitely receiving of Curry. Then the new matrix will be lit up. Continue lighting up the matrices with the hundredfold plan. The cash can be withdrawn at any time.

Income model of the Forsage 3D single matrix

Pay 1 Curry to light up the first matrix, and there are 3 markets under each matrix point; The first person and the second person at each matrix point will return 50% Curry as a commission; The third person helps you re-invest, after this, your matrix is emptied and reset with infinitely receiving of Curry. And 50% of the Curry slides up to the superior.

Description of the Forsage 3D multi-layer matrix

It takes 1Curry to light the first matrix, 2Curry for the second, with the factor of 2 and up to 2048Curry for the 12th matrix. (The startup matrix needs to be started in order from low to high)

Forsage 3D burning mechanism

If the player you recommend opens a higher matrix level than you, then the maximum amount you can reap should only be equal to the percentage of your current level rewards, and the remaining rewards becomes a burn.

The burned part will continue to slide upwards and slide down until a player with a higher level than you is found. Even if there are many recommended people in the matrix, if your matrix level is too low, it is possible that the lower-level slipping income may be obtained by the advanced users you recommend.

Mainstream wallets such as imToken and Bitkeep are all welcome to experience.

Participate in forsage 3D, enjoy automatic sliding income.