The boom of DeFi has inspired imagination in Curry’s future ecological layout

6 min readDec 11, 2020

Background: The blockchain industry in 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. With the sudden popularity of DeFi, the concept of NFT became popular again. Filecoin has landed as a hot spot in the currency circle. And Bitcoin stood at the peak of the bull market once again as three years ago, which is expected to be the starting point of the next bull market.

Since its emergence in 2008, the blockchain industry has exerted a profound impact on all walks of life with its disruptive and decentralized characteristics. The peer-to-peer cash payment initiated by Bitcoin has completely changed the traditional centralized financial payment system. At the same time, DeFi itself has the function of subverting the financial model and business economy. Coupled with the explosive topic of the blockchain industry cycle, the diversified capital holding in the market and the practical application, the application of DeFi has become the hottest project at present. From decentralized financial lending to liquidity mining and further decentralized exchanges, DeFi concept is sweeping across the blockchain industry and even the entire financial field.

The total market value of DeFi has risen from 1 billion to 16 billion in half a year. The total locked assets currently exceed 98.8 billion, and the locked-up value accounts for 2.7% of the global market value. A large number of star projects have skyrocketed in a short period of time and set an astonishing increase. The launch of the decentralized exchange UNI saw a fivefold jump. The oracle LINK has increased by more than 10 times this year. The aggregate lending platform YFI has increased by up to 1,000 times. Various signs indicate that DeFi decentralized finance is the biggest outlet of the current blockchain.

Ecology 1.0- Curry breaks ground to create a new generation of convergent decentralized financial protocols.

Curry is a new generation of convergent decentralized financial protocols, which is a complete aggregator that provides convergent decentralized protocols. Essentially, Curry brings together multiple products and DeFi applications into a single platform that provides users with integrated and decentralized financial services. It also tries to build a complete open financial ecology on the basis of DeFi, covering the financial needs of users as much as possible, including income pool, liquidity protocol, lending market, derivatives market, insurance and credit commission.

As a challenge to the traditional financial system,Curry combines the characteristics of DeFi technology to break the intermediaries in the traditional financial system, thereby reducing the high costs of the former, and finally bringing these benefits directly to users through value flows, which greatly optimizes the operation mode of the financial system.

Ecology 2.0- Curry opens the way to innovative iteration

In terms of ecological development: Curry, who has been focusing on DeFi ecology, has taken advantage of the momentum to promote the vigorous development of decentralized finance and the continuous iterative update of the ecology through the foundation of decentralization, self-continuity and strong security.

Recently, Curry has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with LTT, which decides that Curry Farm will carry out a comprehensive brand strategic upgrade and make a new layout in Curry City. The upgrade of Curry is mainly for an iterative improvement of node applications, user front-end experience and ecological security deployment.

The most important highlight of the upgrade is the improvement of node applications. The first time to cooperate with LTT hatches Wasabi (WAS) DeFi project which is the first convergent financial application scenario. In this ecological innovation iteration, addresses with LP≥50Curry are set as note by default, and enjoy up to 10% liquidity mining benefits from WAS referral program. Besides, addresses with LP≥500Curry are set as super-node, and can enjoy weighted dividend from the total liquidity mining benefits.

Actually, since this year, DeFi’s rapid growth is not only reflected in the project’s huge mining benefits, but more reflected in the practicability and longevity of the project itself. However, from the industry’s perspective, some DeFi projects are still in its early stage. The developing trend shows that a new decentralized financial project is coming, and the DeFi ecology has been a consensus for the industry.

Ecology 3.0-Curry Co-create the Curry ecosystem

Those early players in the blockchain investment area should understand a basic principle that each currency with continually and steady increasing price will share some common characteristics. The most obvious one is that this project must have a complete ecology, a strong technical support and output of core value and value increasing. Curry is such a perfect project that blends DeFi liquidity pool, lending, insurance, decentralised financial payments, community ecological consensus values.

Curry’s application ecology can be mainly integrated as five aspects:

Liquidity mining pool: in Curry’s ecology, Washabi (WAS) is the first DeFi project to be co-incubated with LTT digital transaction insurance claims assets. WAS as the new generation of Defi cross-chain aggregation platform can realize multi-currency pledge, borrowing and financing functions. The platform supports more than 20 kinds of ecological currency pledge and loans. A total amount of 54,000 WAS will be issued, among which 8,000 WAS will be used as early Uniswap liquidity capital pool, and the remaining 46,000 WAS will be used as liquidity mining.

Digital asset lending: Curry has implemented a combination of multi-chain technologies in digital asset lending, users can pledge and borrow by using mainstream digital assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and EOS, and provide financial liquidity solutions to all users worldwide who hold these digital assets. Curry can make the circulation and benefit sharing between individuals without boundary.

Decentralized payment: Curry’s decentralized financial payment service aims to solve the problem of decentralized global online exchange and circulation of assets for global users. Through the expansion of third-party payment platform services, Curry aggregates the payment capacity of several banks and third-party payment platforms, provides a multi-channel payment method, simplifies the payment docking for merchants, and adds more added value services.

Digital asset insurance: In digital asset insurance, Curry conducts a deep cooperation with LTT to firstly introduce LTT itself as a digital asset insurance claim concept. Users can get insurance payback when they join in the LTT insurance.

Ecology consensus value: The curry’s ecological consensus building and value growth are critical for the development of Curry 3.0. It is based on Curry’ equity proof and liquidity mechanism, attracts more people by means of matrix, and provides positive incentive for players with a DeFi+Curry innovative game way, to promote the positive development of curry ecology.

It is easy to see that Curry has a complete ecology. With the addition of more applications and the continuous improvement of the ecology, Curry is a complete inner cycle that can create hundreds of billions of markets and tens of billions of dollars in profits.

Since the development of the industry, Curry has been working to change the current situation of the blockchain industry, aiming to create a decentralized financial platform that integrates multiple industrial applications such as finance, payment, insurance and lending. The real value of Curry lies in the fact that it is different from other blockchain projects: achieving a true all-round ecological industrial layout, combining the blockchain token economy, using blockchain technology to radiate wider global market, and realizing the great aspiration of all people to participate and share dividends.