Help Us Find 10 Lucky Experience Officers for Forsage 3D

2 min readDec 16, 2020

Dear community,

Are you bored or frustrated during quarantine?

Do you want to make more money using your spare time and working from home?

Are you a crypto enthusiast and want to enhance your cryptocurrency value as more as you could?

Here we bring you good news as Christmas gifts!

We are looking for 10 Lucky Experience Officers to try our new project for free. Getting the chance, you could have the opportunity to make more money as you want if you find the tricks in the system. This is a zero-investment while unlimited-reward start.

What is Forsage 3D?

Forsage 3D is the first 100% decentralized smart contract DApp in the Curry ecosystem. This DApp is created for multi-level marketing for Curry. According to the rules, a participant who pays 1 Curry could light up a matrix. After a matrix is lit up, the participant have the right to start referring new users. By doing so, the referrer can earn at least 50% of the downline slots’ payment as commission. More referees, more commission and addtional revenue. If you are an influential person, the value of a Forsage 3D account for you is immeasurable.

Learn details:

Now, if you are a lucky experience officer. You could get the best deal ever:

1) light up your matrix for free (0 investment);

2) be the most upline and a early bird in the system;

3) earn commissions without costs.

Participation rules:

Ten Lucky Experience Officers will be selected before Dec. 25.

Please send your application as soon as possible, or forward this good news to your friends.